Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stretch Your Dollar - Transportation Costs

Just like in any city, there are different ways to get around in Chuncheon: walking, car, bike, taxi, and bus.  For getting around, it's no secret that walking takes too much energy and taxis cost too much if used often.  Buses can save time in the right circumstance, which is why those who live in Chuncheon need to learn to use them. (Mac Users: I am sorry, just like you, I have to use a PC 방 to be able to use this site.  It's Internet Explorer only)

The first step is to direct your browser to
Then the second step is to point your cursor to 버스 정보 where the circled highlighted area is.

Next, on the left of the map there are three tabs.  Click on the middle one, as circled above.

You have a choice between Chuncheon (춘천) and Hongcheon (홍천).  Since this blog is intended for Chuncheon, I will show you what is needed to use the one for Chuncheon Bus terminal: it's the first one on top.  For Hongcheon residents, point your cursor to the last one.

Choose a bus number that you see drive around your area of the city.  It will show the bus route around the city, the frequency of each new one coming, the names of the bus stops, and when the last and first bus is. At this point you will need to read Hangeul to understand the names of the bus stops, that way you can tell the bus driver where to stop so they can help you.

One last tip: get a transportation card (교통 카드 - gyotong cahd-oo) at any convenience store, and you will save money that way if you use the bus often.  Otherwise you'll end up paying top dollar everytime you use it!  You use this card to tap in and tap out to measure the accurate distance fee - you can also use it at stores and taxis within the city to avoid dealing with exact change.

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